Bocas Del Toro, how to go from Panama?

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If you ask to all Panamanian which place to visit into their country, I am pretty sure that all of them would mention you “Be pa Bocas”, because this paradise is formed by an Archipelago whose islands has a particular charm.

Bocas del Toro is located to the west of Panama and it has limits with Costa Rica, specifically with the provinces of Lim贸n and Puntarenas. It is a destination that delights for its natural beauty, beautiful beaches with turquoise water and white sand, exuberant flora and fauna. But something that I loved about there was his people, a multicultural mix that can be felt in the environment through rhythms, accents, colors and in the air because the food with Afro-Caribbean flavors is unique.

something that I loved about there was his people, a multicultural mix that can be felt in the environment 

Bocas del Toro Archipelago

How can you get there?

There are two ways to get to Bocas, if you are in Panama City you can go there by plane or by car.

By plane: It is the fastest and most pleasant way, with the airline Air Panam谩, making the journey Panama City – Isla Col贸n, the approximate cost it麓s 256.00 USD round trip and it takes approximately 50 minutes to arrive to the destiny.

Search on their website for more info,specific and their availabilty.

Air Panama is an airline operating in the Marcos A. Gelabert International Airport (PAC), located in the north-western area of Panama City, in the area of Albrook, Anc贸n district.

This local airline has about 4 daily flights from the Marcos A. Gelabert International Airport to the Bocas del Toro International Airport on Isla Col贸n. On holidays, bridges and weekends the frequency is up to 5 to 6 flights per day.

Marcos A. Gelabert International Airport (PAC) at Albrook

The view of the archipelago from the plane is spectacular, the turquoise color of the waters is fabulous, at the time of landing you will see the colorful characteristic of the architecture in the place and once on land it is a matter of minutes to get your feet in the warm waters, since the track is in the middle of Isla Colon.

The paradise that awaits for you!

By Bus: Tranceibosa – Almirante, is a slow way, it takes approximately 10 hours to arrive, but it is the cheapest one. Tranceibosa in Panama City is located in the Grand National Transportation Terminal in Albrook, the point of attention of this company is located at the B31 counter. The approximate price of the ticket is 30.00 USD and they are made exclusively at the service window. The service starts at 7:00 and ends at 18:00, I recommend you to go a day before, earlier in the morning to avoid long lines, remember to carry your passports. You must ask them to sell you a ticket to Almirante, departure times from Panama City at 18:00 , 18:30 and 19:00. For more information about this bus company you can call the following numbers:

Albrook (Panam谩): (+507) 303-6326
Almirante: (+507) 758-3278
Changuinola: (+507) 758-8455
Chiriqu铆 Grande: (+507) 756-9631

I recommended you to bring a good coat because the trip by bus is pretty cold because off the air condition. The tour usually makes two stops of approximately thirty minutes in Santiago and then in Chiriqu铆 Viejo, to eat something, go to the toilet or just stretch your legs.

Tranceibosa transport terminal at Almirante

Once you get to the Almirante, you will find dozens of taxis that will take you to the port, they usually charge 1.00 USD per person if you share the taxi with other passengers, if you go without company 3.00 USD. In the port there are several boats companies. The price of the boat to Isla Col贸n is USD 5.00 one way for panamanians and residents, and USD 6.00 one way for foreigners, but it is possible that there is an offer of USD 10.00 round trip for foreigners. These transfers are made every half hour (between 6:00 and 18:00.). The companies that make the trip are: Taxi 25, Transportes Torres and Bocas Marine.

Port where the boats are taken to get to Isla Col贸n

I loved the return to the city of Panama by bus, you have to cross a mountain range and the landscapes are beautiful, several waterfalls, very likely the bus stops and you can buy a souvenir. I recommend you to make your reservation a day before to return to Panama City, you can do it at the junction of Almirante, or at the office of Tranceibosa on Isla Col贸n, at the dock of Taxi 25, on the first street. The times of return from Almirante are from 8:00 to 18:30.

If you want to know the beaches that you should not miss in Isla Col贸n, I recommend you read: Colon Island in Bocas Del Toro Beaches to Know

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