My Passions and Personality

Discover who I am as a person as well as being a technology fanatic.

My name is Davis Álvarez and above all I consider myself a lucky and happy person.

How strange to say it, right? Today it is more common to read and listen to negatives affirmations than positives ones.

I’m from Panama and I’m in the Millennials generation, more or less you’re already knowing my age.

I lived my childhood and adolescence practically on a farm, I’m not ashame to saying it, why bother ?, They were the best moments of my life and therefore I love nature, agriculture, walking, fresh air, peace, tranquility , cordiality, kindness and simplicity. Also in that place I was taught values ​​that are a way of life.

Although my life started surrounded by animals my fascination is technology, so I decided to study Computer Engineering, although I remember my mother as a child telling me that I would be a lawyer, I won doing what I like most, that’s the way it should be!

Davis and what are your interests?

Software development and digital innovation are my passions. It is exciting to solve a problem of everyday life through technology, to add value to a service, product, process and change lives.

I like education, I believe in it and therefore I dedicate part of my time to share with others the knowledge acquired through experience, studies and those topics that I am continually reading or researching out of curiosity. I am a member of FLOSSPa, an organization that promotes Free Software, organizes and dictates workshops, conferences in different universities of Panama.

I am a promoter of Free Software and I love their freedom, which are run, study, redistribute and improve, therefore, I actively collaborate with the Fedora project, an operating system based on Linux, I have the opportunity to deeply know the development of an operating system, help put to test the same, translate documentation among many other things that little by little I am getting to know.

I’m interested in politics, a technologist with political interests? I always keep my eyes on it!

I like economics, so I studied a mastery with a lot of economic focus, I love reading, I read many books related to finance, personal improvement although I plan to expand my reading spectrum, I set an annual goal of how many books to read and I fight to fulfill it.

I consider that a balanced life should be carried out, therefore my family is extremely important, I love my wife, a beautiful and very smart girl, who I met in Europe and a beautiful son that God has given us. Did you mention God? Off course, I’m a Christian!