FLISol Panama 2019

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What is FLISol?

FLISoL is the largest Free Software dissemination event in Latin America and is aimed at all types of audiences: students, academics, businessmen, workers, public officials, enthusiasts and even people who do not have much computer knowledge.

The FLISoL has been celebrated since 2005 and since 2008 it was adopted on the 4th Saturday of April, every year. The admission is free and its main objective is to promote the use of free software, making known to the general public the philosophy, scope, progress and development.

The event is organized by local Free Software Communities and is developed simultaneously with events which Free Software is installed free of charge and totally legal, on the attendants’s computers.

In Panama this activity has been celebrated since 2007 in different provinces and universities together with Free Software Communities established in the country, such as FLOSSPA, FSL, Fedora, Pynama, among others. The activity is joined by organizations of students such as the IEEE and professionals passionate about software and free culture.

FLISol 2019

University of Panama

The Faculty of Informatics Electronics and Communication at the University of Panama in the recent years has taken the tradition to vary the headquarters where the event is organized, the students and teachers from their different regional centers move to the established headquarter.

This year was Panama East Regional University Center, in Chepo, the house of the FLISol organized by the University of Panama. A lot of students and teachers traveled to Chepo from differences provinces of Panama, to celebrate the activity.

In Chepo, there were 3 conference rooms from 8:00 until 12:30, also a laboratory specifically for workshops.

Hundreds of students who came to the place lived a real festival, the atmosphere of joy, enthusiasm and curiosity was evident among the attendees.

FLISol University Of Panama
FLISol University Of Panama

It is worth mentioning the cordial and kind treatment offered by the hosts, from the breakfast received to the chicken soup offered at the lunchtime, the attention was amazing!

I had the opportunity to collaborate in the organization and also bring a conference, as ambassador of the Fedora Project, I spoke about “Fedora Project, Get Involved in the International Community”.

Fedora Project, Get Involved in the International Community
Fedora Project, Get Involved in the International Community

In Chepo other conferences were offered, Ismael Valderrma spoke about “Pedagogical Innovation and the Transformation of the Educational Open-Board Scenario”, the representation of Mozilla Community was Luis Manuel Segundo, Ernesto Morales of WordPress Panama spoke about “WordPress Professional Use” and Ludwig Villalobos of NacionBits offered an Arduino workshop. There were many other conferences and workshops, at the end of this article you will find the link where you can see all the topics covered.

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Some images of the event in Chepo

Interamerican University of Panamá

The students of the Interamerican University of Panama together with the Free Software Community FLOSSPA organized the event in Panama City, starting at 9:00 and ending at 15:00.

FLISol Interamerican University of Panama
FLISol Interamerican University of Panama

A marathon of conferences was held at the Interamerican University of Panama, it is relevant to mention that there were speakers from Colombia and Peru celebrating  the 15th anniversary of FLISol.

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By the year 2020, the University of Panama will be celebrating the FLISol at its regional center in San Miguelito, it promises to be a very attended event. If you would like to be part of the organization or speak about some topic, do not hesitate to contact me for to continue promoting this noble cause.

If you want to know the agenda of both headquarters of the event, go to the official link of FLISol Panamá 2019.

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